Interim Parliamentary Committee on Rules Discusses New Procedures

1305 Views Kampala, Uganda
An interim parliamentary committee on rules, privileges and discipline has been formed today to formulate the essential rules that will govern the eighth parliament. In its first day of business, the committee chaired by the Labwor Member of Parliament, Omwony Ojok, proposed that the 8th parliament should have two assistant speakers of parliament. Members were of the view that the second deputy speaker should come from the opposition. The committee however argued that the constitution does not provide fro the appointment of two deputy speakers. The committee also amended the procedures for electing members to the East African and pan African legislative assemblies. Under the new procedures, members to the legislative assembly will have to reflect the Multi party representation in parliament. The ruling National Resistance Movement Party will have seven members while the opposition will be represented by two members. Similarly the NRM party will have the majority seats on the pan African parliament. According to the new amendments, the NRM will have four seats while the opposition will have one member. The committee has also amended the procedure of petitioning parliament. The new procedures indicate that all petitions to parliament will have to be forwarded to the clerk of parliament who will then scrutinize them and pass them on to the chief party whips. The interim parliamentary committee is discussing the new rules and procedures that will be followed by the eighth parliament, the first multi party parliament in two decades.


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