Jinja Grapples with Drug and Alcohol Abuse

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Allan Muluuya, a resident of Masese Village III says the rate of alcohol abuse in the area is alarming.

Jinja Municipality is with struggling with enforcing a bye against excessive alcohol consumption and drugs abuse amongst young men. In 2011, Jinja municipality passed by the bye law to curb excessive alcohol consumption and abuse of drugs amongst youths. The practice is common in the three divisions of Jinja municipality. 
Authorities attribute the rampant cases of domestic violence and broken home to the alcohol consumption and drug abuse. It is alleged that several men involved in alcohol consumption and drug abuse don’t provide for their families. John Mweru, the LC I Chairperson man Masese III village in Walukuba / Masese division says 6 out of every 10 homes on the area are supported by women, who engage in casual labor.
Masese III village is home to Internally Displaced People from Teso and Karamoja regions. He says most of the men do rounds drinking instead of providing for their families.
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Allan Muluuya, a resident of Masese Village III says the rate of alcohol abuse in the area is alarming. He says that several youths in the village have taken to heavy alcohol consumption at the expense of food production.
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Ayub Kitamirike, the Mpumudde / Kimaka division Youth Councilor says the situation is no different in his area. He calls on Parliament to hasten the enactment of the psychoactive substance control act and repeal the Enguuli Act to regulate alcohol and drug abuse in the country.

Damalie Mukyala, a Senior Psychiatric Clinical Officer at Jinja regional referral hospital reveals that 45 percent of their admissions are cases related to drug abuse. Each month Jinja hospital receives 15 cases of drug abuse of average. The alcohol abuse victims are between 23 to 40 years of age. Mubarak Kirunda, the LC III chairperson Jinja Central division says bars are uncontrolled and sale any amount of alcohol to anyone.
He says the situation is complicated by the fact that some of the local council officials are also engaged in excessive alcohol consumption. Kirunda calls for the enforcement of the bye law that seeks to regulate excessive alcohol consumption and drug abuse. Julius Luanyang, a primary seven leaver from Makenke village in Mpummudde / Kimala division is one of the wasted youth.

16-year-old Luanyang looks twice his age. He moves around bars in Makenke to drink without any meaningful life. Numerous attempts by the local authorities to rehabilitate him have failed. Moses Mawerere, the Jinja municipal council law enforcement officer says alcohol abuse is responsible for the increased number of lunatic and jobless youths in the town.
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