Jinja Voters Demand End to Dirty Election Era

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Voters in Jinja have asked the electoral commission to ensure that the 2011 general elections mark an end to an era of dirty elections and a beginning of a clean election era. Several voters interviewed this morning say that the chaos that marred the NRM elections could be used to study and detect any fault lines along the journey to the 2011 elections. Many voters in Jinja agree that the NRM primary elections were quashed by poor planning, preparation and administration. They say that the electoral commission should study the weaknesses in the NRM polls, so they can be able to plan a free and fair election. Robert Nsubuga, a voter in Lubas road village says, one sure way of ensuring a clean election is by ensuring transparency on the voter registers and circulating the registers far and wide to voters and candidates. Nsubuga argues that the circus of missing voters on the NRM party registers rose from the obscure nature of handling the registers. He says the voters registers were not displayed in time to rectify the anomalies that tainted a worthwhile election. \\ Cue in "they should provide..." Cue out "...to avoid vote rigging."// For Irene Wekiya, a lesson learnt from the NRM elections that the EC should not over look is the way the ballot papers are counted after poling has ended. She says The NRM ballot papers were transported and tallied by a few people, raising suspicion about the authenticity of the final results being declared. \\ Cue in "they lacked transparency..." Cue out "...Wekiya complaining."// Wekiya says a clean election with help avoid violence and the rightful candidates will be democratically elected if properly organized. Mohamed Baswari Kezaala, the Jinja district Mayor and Chairman Democratic Party, says the electoral commission should avoid falling into the pit of working along relations line. He explains that people who organized the NRM elections had attachments to different candidates hence faulting the partiality. \\ Cue in "the very people..." Cue out "...conflict of interest."// Flavia Mujulizi, Jinja Electoral Commission returning officer says a clean election awaits come 2011. All election staff has been trained and is more in number than those the commission had in 2006.


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