Judgment in Kasiwukira Murder Trial Due Today

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Todays verdict will determine the fate of Kasiwukiras widow Sarah Nabikolo, her sister Sandra Nakkungu and a police officer, Jaden Ashraf.

High Court in Kampala will today deliver its judgment in the murder trial against three people charged for the death of city businessman Eriya Ssebunnya Bugembe also known as Kasiwukira.

Today's verdict will determine the fate of the deceased's widow Sarah Nabikolo, her sister Sandra Nakkungu and a police officer, Jaden Ashraf.

Trial judge Wilson Masalu Musene who has been hearing the case for the last nine months is expected to read out his judgment starting at 9:30am.

About two weeks ago, assessors John Musana and Joseph Wasibi advised court to convict the suspects on account of overwhelming evidence linking Nabikolo to the death of her husband.

The assessors told court that evidence of four out of the 23 prosecution witnesses proved that the motor-vehicle that knocked Kasiwukira belonged to his sister in-law Nakkungu who gave it to the police officer and one of the accused to execute the mission.

The assessors added that there is enough evidence to show that Nabikolo wanted to eliminate the husband. However, the court assessors' advice is not binding on the judge as he can agree or depart from it.

Should the court find that the suspects guilty, they could face a maximum penalty of death by hanging. On the contrary, they will be acquitted and discharged.

The prosecution's evidence was mainly circumstantial as there was no witness who told court that he/she saw any of the suspects murder Kasiwukira but rather relied on corroborating evidence to connect dots to implicate the trio.

Prosecution alleges that the suspects and others still at large, on October 17, 2014 conspired to kill Kasiwukira who was knocked dead by a speeding car while jogging near his home in Muyenga, a suburb of Kampala.

Eye witnesses said that the killer car had parked alongside the road and was ignited upon seeing Kasiwukira in a distance. It was driven towards his direction at a slow speed and accelerated upon approaching him and ran over him. The number plate of the car was not identified.

A post-mortem report established that the cause of Kasiwukira's death was due to multiple crash injuries.

Police dismissed preliminary claims that Kasiwukira's killing was accidental. The Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura ordered thorough investigations whose findings pointed to a possible murder and implicated the widow Nabikolo and other family members and business partners.