Judiciary Unveils Transformation Plan

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Beatrice Kiraso, a Public Policy Consultant on the project, says the Judiciary has for long not been recognized as an independent institution.

The Judiciary has embarked on a five-year plan to guide the establishment of new structures and development of human resource capacity. The Judiciary Transformation Plan (JTP) seeks to improve the legal and regulatory framework; enhance access to justice; enhance accountability and human rights, as well as improve staff terms and development.
The plan will focus on passing policies for effective administration of justice, physical access to justice through establishing accessible courts, training judicial officers, promoting public engagement in the administration of justice and human rights among others.

Swithin Munyantwali, the vice chairman of the International Law Institute (ILI), which is spearheading the project, explains that due to the growing concerns on the quality of Judicial services, the five-year plan was drafted to address persistent challenges of corruption, disconnected organizational structure, political interference and professionalism among officers.

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In recent years, the judiciary has been named among the most corrupt government institutions because of allegations of bribery against judicial officers. 

Justice James Ogoola, one of the consultants behind the transformation plan, explains that with the stained image of the judiciary, it is important that practical solutions are found to address the shortfalls and change public perception of the institution.

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Beatrice Kiraso, a Public Policy Consultant on the project, says the Judiciary has for long not been recognized as an independent institution. Kiraso says it needs a review of legislation which empowers the judiciary, including the Administration of Judiciary bill, currently in cabinet.  

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Paul Gadenya, High Court Chief Registrar, who presided over the meeting with magistrates and registrars, tasked judicial officers to embrace the plan in order to transform service delivery in the judiciary. 


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