Justice Forum- JEEMA Unveils Road Map to 2016 Polls

The Justice Forum - JEEMA has released its road map in preparation for the 2016 general elections. It outlines the program for elections at all levels.
Ibrahim Nsamba the party electoral commission chairperson said the process will start with the elections at village level which will be held between 1st and 7th July.
The elections according to Nsamba shall be done by all members of the party who have the party card.
The party's village executive committee comprises of seven positions including that of chairperson, the deputy chairperson, Secretary General and the deputy among others.
The party shall between July 8th - 14th participate in the Sub-County Delegates Conferences in which Sub-County Speaker, deputy speaker and chairperson shall be elected. The chairperson shall then nominate six other members of the executive.
Muhammed Mayanja Kibirige, the party chairperson said that the elections are expected to take place despite the shortage of members at the village level elections.
//Cue in: ‘Where elections…
Cue out: … grass root level.'// Mayanja Muhammed

The party has designated 15th - 21st July for the District Delegates Conference which will be carried out by the chairpersons and speakers of all the Sub-Counties in each district.
On 30th - 31st July the party is expected to convene the National Delegates Conference during which the elections for the party president, vice president, Secretary General and the flag bearer for the presidential elections.
The party president will then nominate other members of his cabinet who will have to be approved by the appointments committee which will also be instituted by the National Delegates Conference.
In January the JEEMA party youth league led by Shaban Kalema forcefully took over control of the party headquarters accusing their leaders of flouting basic internal democracy.
Ibrahim Nsamba said  the electoral commission expects the elections to go on smoothly despite the disgruntlement of the youth league members earlier this year.
//Cue in: ‘The other time…
Cue out:…of the members.'// Ibrahim Nsamba
Justice Forum plans to use 100 million shillings to implement the roadmap with funds received from party members, the government of Uganda through the Electoral Commission and donors particularly the Democratic Governance Facility - DGF.
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