Kabale Central Market Hit By Theft and Vandalism

827 Views Kabale, Western Region, Uganda
Traders at Kabale central market have appealed to Municipality officials to reinstate security lights to mitigate increasing cases of theft. Simon Mashemererwa, the Chairman Kabale Central Market Traders Association says traders are losing their goods at an alarming rate. Mashemererwa says unknown people with master keys open their padlocks and take a merchandize at night. He says the business community at the market pays several taxes but the municipal authorities give service when demanded instead of doing it as a responsibility. //Cue in: The security lights within # Cue out: #every month.// He says the businessmen have pulled resources to employ four guards at 1.2 million shillings per month but need the area to be well lit. Winnie Byabasheija, one of the market vendors says she is planning to relocate her business from Kabale Central market to another location. Most local government markets are provided security of shops and lock ups by the local authority. The Mayor Kabale Municipality, Pius Ruhemurana, says he is aware of the problem and plans to meet the business community to iron out the differences. Ruhemurana says most people have failed to own services given by the council to an extent that security lights were vandalized. Ruhemurana says the municipality cannot deploy every where to guard its properties but needs the good will of people to protect them.