Kabale Municipal Improves roads as residents cry foul

1404 Views Kabale, Western Region, Uganda
Hundreds of People in Kabale town could lose their structures and other properties due to the new developments in the area.

People along Garage Street and other streets in Kabale are already victims to the road rehabilitation programme that involves the widening of the roads in order to reduce traffic jam.

The residents in the affected streets have registered their complaints to Kabale Municipal Authority claiming for compensation.

Adonia Tibendana one of the landlords on the affected streets said the road upgrading programme could lead to the demolition of their fences, gates and houses

Medard Matuna, also landlord said that Kabale town was affected by the poor planning and any efforts to replan the town must bear in mind the costs for compensation.

The Mayor Kabale Municipal Council,Pius Ruhemurana said that the victims have been given a one month ultimatum to leave the areas.

Dr. Ruhemurana said that this time they intend to construct the modern roads that can last for many years to come and reduce the congestion.

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Kabale is one of the Municipal Council in Uganda which has dusty roads,potholes and many more accidents as a results of poor roads.

The Mayor disclosed that their emphasis is now on improving on the road networks this financial year and the next.