Kabale RDC Accused of Attempting to Shoot Umeme Employee

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Cox Nyakairu, the Kabale Resident District Commissioner, is under fire from power distribution company Umeme for allegedly attempting to shoot one of its employees.

An employee of electricity distribution company, Umeme, claims that the Kabale Resident District Commissioner Cox Nyakairu threatened to shoot him when he attempted to disconnect the official’s house for non-payment of power bills. The Umeme employee, Godfrey Kirembeka, says Nyakairu owed the company more than 4.8 million shillings by March 9th this year. He says, acting on the instructions of his company, he attempted to disconnect the RDC’s house, but the official’s wife called her husband to intervene. Kirembeka claims that as he climbed down the power pole at Nyakairu’s residence on Archer Road zone, the RDC told him to reconnect the power immediately or he would be shot. He says that fearing for his life, he left the premises and is too scared to return there to do his job. Godfrey Kirembeka says he wants Umeme to transfer him because his life is in danger. Kirembeka’s supervisor, Moses Ssekamatte, says Cox Nyakairu had no right to stop an Umeme employee from doing his work. He wants government to prevail upon its senior employees to uphold the law and to pay their bills. The Umeme area manager for Kabale and Kisoro, Jason Muwaza, says the company is in touch with the RDC’s lawyers to find an amicable way to resolve the conflict. He says he contacted Nyakairu two weeks ago and met his lawyer to discuss scheduling the clearing of debt, but hasn’t heard from him since. Muwaza says Kabale district loses 30 percent of its electricity to illegal connections and from people who refuse to pay their bills. He says his office needs help because the situation is spiraling out of control. Cox Nyakairu says the media should drop the matter because it is personal. He says his lawyers are handling the matter with Umeme. ###