Kabale Teacher Demands Public Apology from Hospital for Death of His Baby

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In short
Negligence forced the death of one of the Kabale born triplets

Kenneth Twinamasiko, a teacher at Ndorwa Secondary School is demanding for an apology from Kabale Regional Referral Hospital for the death of his newly born baby. Twinamasiko claims that on May 16, 2011 his wife Prudence Kemigisa gave birth prematurely to triplets at Kabale Regional Referral Hospital.
He says that Kabale Regional Referral hospital referred them to Rugarama Anglican hospital, where the babies would be placed in an incubator. Twinamasiko says that two days after, one of the triplets died as a result of excessive heat in the incubator because there was no one monitoring the incubator.

// Cue in: “nobody was “…
     Cue out: …”kids be removed”//
He says after the death of his baby, he was referred to Kisizi health center for care of the remaining babies. Twinamasiko blames the death of his son on negligence of doctors at Kabale Referral hospital.
He accuses Kabale referral hospital of referring him to Rugarama Anglican Hospital instead of attending to his babies.

Doctor Placid Mihayo, Kabale regional referral hospital Administrator says that they referred Twinamasiko to Rugarama Hospital because there are no qualified people at the regional hospital to operate incubators.

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Mihayo says that the hospital is faced with several challenges because it is understaffed.
But Twinamasiko will not have any of this. Twinamasiko insists that the management of Kabale Referral Hospital should make a public apology over the death of his baby.