Kabalega SS Headteacher in Trouble over Financial Impropriety

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Igidious Magara, the Headmaster of Kabalega secondary school is in trouble for alleged financial impropriety and poor management. Last week, members of the school board of governors held an emergency meeting following reports of a possible sit down strike by teachers. The teachers accuse Magara of arrogance and misappropriation of school funds. They accuse Magara of among other things barking at parents and teachers in presence of students, poor financial accountability and breach of the school procurement guidelines. On Tuesday, the teachers refused to attend a meeting called by Magara to prepare for the opening of the third term. In the presence of William Tumwine, a member of the school board the teachers told Magara that they were tired of him. Magara downplays the impact of the flopped meeting, saying there are a few teachers inclined to pulling him down for selfish reasons. Magara says that he is being accused of imaginary problems that have been growing since he joined Kabalega. Jos Wamara, the school's board chairman says several issues are being investigated but as of now, they are not for public consumption. Uganda Radio Network has however learnt that Wamara has given Magara up to Friday this week to give a full financial report and his defense to the accusations. Early this year, a commission of inquiry about Kabalega was set up following a student's strike, a fire and alleged mismanagement of funds, but the report has never been made public by the district security committee of Masindi. Magara joined Kabalega in February from Bishop Ogez Secondary school in Bushenyi, in southwestern Uganda. He replaced David Turyagumanawe, who sought early leave. At Kabalega, Magara was welcomed with the burning of the school's over 50-year-old Bikunya Dormitory. His time at Bunyoro's biggest and oldest school has been dotted with administrative and financial woes that have now burst open.


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