Kabarole Classrooms Converted into Cow Sheds

1165 Views Kabarole, Uganda
Some classrooms at government-aided schools in Kabarole have been turned into cattle sheds, the District Education Officer, Victoria Rusoke, has revealed. Rusoke, who recently completed a tour of schools in Kijura in Kabarole district, described the situation as both funny and shocking. She said she didn't understand how parents can value their cattle over their children, by turning well built classrooms into cow sheds. Speaking to parents and school management committee members at Kyaitamba Primary School on Tuesday, Rusoke said area residents need to make quality education a priority. She said the poor results registered in Kabarole during the national examinations were proof that education is still undervalued in the district. Rusoke called for an immediate stop to the conversion of classrooms into cow sheds. She said the classrooms were built using tax payers money and should be only used for the purpose for which they were intended. She said the health of pupils is being put at risk by the misuse of the classroom. Rusoke asked for an immediate investigation into the matter and told the local leaders to bring those abusing the classrooms to book.