Kabarole Home Guards On The Spot Over Misuse of Firearms

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Records at the office of the District Police Commander show that last year, twenty cases of home guards engaged in criminal activities like robbery and misuse of their weapons

Home guards in Kabarole district are on the spot for misusing their weapons.

During the Allied Democratic Force (ADF) insurgency, the home guards were given guns to work with the army and protect the communities against rebel attacks. More than 100 home guards from the sub counties Kisomoro, Rubona, Kibiito and Rwimi, were recruited and armed.  

The guards were supposed to hand them back after the insurgency, however some of the guards still posses the guns and have been accused by members of the public for misusing the firearms. Some of the guns have ended up in the hands of criminals.

Statistics at the office of the District Police Commander Kabarole show that last year, the office received twenty five cases of home guards engaged in criminal acts like robbery and misuse of their weapons.

Last month, two home guards from Katebwa Sub County, were arrested for hiring out their guns to thugs who were terrorizing residents of Fort Portal town.

Patrick Muhumuza, a resident of Kisomoro trading centre says that some of the guards have turned against residents and robbed them using the firearms. Muhumuza says that during the village security meetings, the home guards emphasize security, but he is surprised they are doing the contrary.    

Muhumuza, who is a victim of the indiscipline of the home guards, says that last month, a home guard shot him on the leg, thinking that he was a robber. He says that even after identifying himself as a resident of the area, they continued torturing him.

Joseph Kihamba, the Kabarole district police commander says that they are aware of the cases of home guards misusing the guns, but blames the guards for not returning the guns.

Kihamba says that last year at a district security meeting, it was resolved that all home guards return the guns, but they have defied the directives. He says that police is investigating the loss of three guns belonging to the home guards.

Abdalla Namuyimba,the Resident District Commissioner Kabarole and chairman of the district security committee, says that with effect from this year, all home guards will be subjected to training about how to handle guns.

Namuyimba says that the training will be carried out jointly with private security guards.

He says that the supervision of the training will be carried out by the police and the office of the internal security officer. He says that in the past, the guards were given guns without undergoing any training.
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