Kabarole MPs Yet To Consult Voters On Marriage and Divorce Bill

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With the two weeks recess given to MPs to consult their voters on the marriage and divorce bill, about to end, MPs from Kabarole district are yet to hold consultative meetings about the bill.

Members of Parliament in Kabarole district are yet to start consultative meetings on the Marriage and Divorce bill 2009.
The speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga sent MPs on a two weeks recess to enable them to consult their voters about the controversial Bill.
However as MPs from different parts of the country are seeking views from their electorate, no MP in Kabarole is yet to hold such meetings.
The MPs from Kabarole include Adolf Mwesige, the MP Bunyangabu County and minister for Local government, Alex Ruhunda MP Fort Portal Municipality, Steven Kagwera, MP Burahya County and Victoria Rusoke, the Woman MP.
In a telephone Interview, Kagwera told Uganda Radio Network that he is in no hurry to consult his electorate about the bill. Kagwera says that he has more important issues to discuss with his voters. He, however, says that he will seek their views on the bill at an appropriate time.
Mwesige, Rusoke and Ruhunda couldn’t be reached for a comment as their telephones were switched off.
However some residents of Fort Portal say that the MPs have anticipated the reaction of the people on the bill like it has been in some parts of the country, where the bill has been rejected.
Prosper Businge, a resident of Fort Portal, says that the MPs are avoiding the electorate because they are afraid of their reactions.  Businge also says that the MPs have a habit of not consulting their electorate on more important issues.
//Cue in: “Some MPs are partly avoiding…
Cue out: “…it’s irrelevant.”//
Eve Kabatalya, a resident of Fort Portal town, says that she doesn’t care whether or not the MPs consult the electorate.
Kabatalya says that the MPs have never consulted them on issues like how to improve maternal health and fighting poverty.
//Cue in: “I don’t care…
Cue out: “…people in relationships.”//
Some residents have vowed to shun the meetings should the MPs call them.
Mary Baguma says that she is surprised the MPs are consulting residents about the bill which is irrelevant and yet they have never returned to their constituencies to explain to the voters, what they have done in two years since being elected.
Baguma says that consultation is wastage of time and wants residents to shun the meetings.
//Cue in: should the MPs come…
Cue out: “elected as our leaders.”//


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