Kabarole Sub Counties Struggle To Realize Local Revenue

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In short
Some of the plans and activities of the administrative units remain on paper due to inadequate funds generated. Roads are in a poor state and inadequate provision of water is the order of the day, among others, leaving the residents with no services.

Sub Counties in Kabarole district are struggling to remain operational because insufficient local revenue collections.
Most of Kabarole's with twenty five sub counties can hardly raise enough money to supplement what they receive from the Central government for development purposes.
They have drawn development plans which have remained on paper because there is no money to fund them.
In Kichwamba Sub County, road equipment which includes graders and trucks have never been put to use for two years.
Steven Irumba, the Kichwamba sub county chief says that the sub county lacks funds to purchase fuel for the equipment and pay the drivers.

Irumba says that the sub county had budgeted to raise 50 million shillings from local revenue in this financial year but raised only 10 million.
The sub county according to Irumba used to obtain fuel from fuel stations on credit with the promising to pay later but they defaulted leaving huge arrears.

//Cue in: "major thing are funds…
Cue out: "…amount of money."//

In Bukuku Sub County, Benjamin Mugisa, the sub county chief says they face difficulties running sub-county operations like monitoring and supervision due to inadequate local revenue.
He says that often he uses his resources to carry out sub county activities that should be funded.
Mugisa many resident are also reluctant to pay  local service tax.  The tax came into effect at the beginning of July 2008 when Parliament passed Local Governments (Amendment) Bill, 2008.

He  says that the sub county has for the past two years not collected the tax because of complicated collection and disbursement procedures.
//Cue in: nothing is going on…
Cue out: "…local service tax."//
Many districts leader under the Uganda Local Government Association have also raised concern over the inadequate local revenue collection. They say that has partly affected the functioning  of  decentralized system of governance



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