Kadaga Vows to Crack Whip on Absentee MPs

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a story from an exclusive interview with speaker kadaga

Just as the ninth parliament enters its second session, the speaker Rebecca Kadaga has promised to expose Members of parliament who dodge work through roll calls. Speaking to URN in an exclusive interview in her office over the weekend, Kadaga said that she has for the last one year been conducting an analysis of why business sometimes lags due to quorum, yet the house has over 370 voting MPs.

Kadaga said that she is going to start naming and shaming MPs who abscond from the house without prior notification to her office because they are paid by the public to work for them. She said that she has noticed MPs who come to the house, sign the attendance list and disappear to do private business. She said she was happy with the MPs for passing into law 11 bills, 42 motions, debating and adopting 25 reports, debating 25 ministerial statements and handling 20 petitions from different groups in the country.

Kadaga said looking at the work they have disposed off so far, she is convinced that the current MPs have lived up to the expectations of the citizens in their output. She however said that even with the good work done so far, they could have done better, if it were not for the absenteeism of some members who made it hard sometimes for work to be executed due to lack of quorum. She said on its part, government was also sometimes found wanting when the leaders of government business failed to bring in time business to be transacted by the house.

Kadaga called on the executive to be more active in bringing business to be debated by the MPs.

//Cue In:  “Parliament processes what is………
Cue Out: ‘………….expected to be in the house.”//

In the just ended session, the speaker was forced to adjourn the house as there was no business to handle. The Companies law has been on the shelves for the last three years and yet its passing now will be a great relief to way business is done in the country, probably with more fairness and transparency. She cites The Companies Bill, 2009 which had been obsolete since it had been borrowed from the British Law years back in 1920, as one of them.

//Cue In:  “Among those which were…….
Cue Out: “…………a very very big landmark.”//

Kadaga said she was also happy when the MPs passed in a record time the Prohibition and Prevention of Torture Bill, 2010, which was a by-partisan private members bill supported by all MPs; from the opposition and NRM sides and the Transfer of Convicted Offenders Bill, 2007.
She said some of these bills had taken long without being passed into law.

//Cue In:  “The second one……..”
Cue Out: “…………another landmark.”//

Kadaga who has been praised by several political observers, including religious leaders last week during the Inter religious Breakfast Meeting, as the best Speaker since the sixth parliament, has vowed that the fight against Corruption by parliament will not stop with the last year. She said she will fight to make sure that more pro-people policies and laws are enacted so that Ugandans get value out of their representatives.