Kalangala Ferry Breaks Down

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The breakdown of Kalangala Luku ferry has paralyzed business on Kalangala Island. The ferry is the only means of public transport on Lake Victoria. The ferry connects businessmen from Kachanga Landing site in Masaka to Bugoma landing site and Mugoye Sub County in Kalangala. It also plies that Bukakata and Bugoma Island route. However, the ferry broke down two weeks a go leaving several businessmen stranded. George Ssemkayi, the Kalangala ferry master says that the ferry developed some mechanical problem in the ramp. He says that ferry can not resume operations until the problem is fixed. Ssemkayi says that the ramp is important in protecting the ferry against strong winds and docking. As a result of the breakdown of the ferry Delta and Jyra pump stations, the only stations in Kalangala have run out of fuel. B ruce Ssenkubuge, the manager Jyra fuel services station that they have been using the ferry to transport their fuel to the Island. Ssemkubuge says both Jyra and Delta petrol stations are currently dry, which has worsened the fuel crisis on the Island. He says that they have not had any fuel supply in the past two weeks. Ssenkubuge explains that they have tried in vain to hire the services of another ship operating in Entebbe to deliver fuel to the island. He says that owners of the ship have turned down their application because the ship isn't insured to transport highly inflammable fuel. As a result fuel prices have skyrocketed from shillings 2700 to 4500 for petrol and 2500 to 4000 a liter of diesel. Isaac Mugera, the Kalangala district information officer says boat owners have also hiked their fares from 10000 to 20000 on canoes while speedboats are now charging 40000 from 25000 shillings to Entebbe. Mugera also says several fishermen dealing in silver fish are now jobless because they have no paraffin used in pressure lumps, while fishing. Meanwhile, John Lubega, the Southern region engineer with the works ministry says they are doing every thing possible to restore the ferry. Lubega says that he has personally traveled to Kampala to look for spare parts to repair the ferry. Government recently promised to introduce a second ferry on L. Victoria to ease public transport but up to now the promise has not been fulfilled.


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