Voters Task Besigye to Restore Prince Wambuzi to the Throne

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Simon Muyanga Lutaaya, who is eying the Bulamogi Northwest MP seat, says the throne was taken away from Bulamogi Chiefdom because the people there are weak to fight for their rights.

Voters in Kaliro district have asked Dr. Kizza Besigye, the Forum for Democratic Presidential candidate to restore Prince Columbus Wambuzi as the Kyabazinga of Busoga immediately he is elected president.

They accuse Presidential Candidate Yoweri Museveni of abandoning Prince Columbus Wambuzi, who they claim is the legitimate heir to the former Kyabazinga, the late Henry Wako Muloki.

Shortly after the death of Henry Wako Muloki, the former Kyabazinga of Busoga on 1 September 2008, a group of Basoga cultural chiefs hurriedly installed his son Columbus Wambuzi as the Kyabazinga.

The enthronement of Columbus split the Kingdom as as some of the chiefs argued that the institution of the Kyabazinga wasn't hereditary. They went ahead to install Prince Edward Gabula Nadiope as the legitimate Kyabazinga. 

Simon Muyanga Lutaaya, who is eyeing the Bulamogi Northwest MP seat, says the throne was taken away from Bulamogi Chiefdom, where Columbus hails from because the people there are weak to fight for their rights. He accuses candidate Yoweri Museveni of sidelining Wambuzi in disregard of the wishes of the late Muloki saying only Besigye can restore the prince to his rightful position.
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The Kyabazinga is elected by the Busoga Royal Chief's council in accordance with the Kingdom constitution. Meddy Mbentyo, one of the FDC supporters in Busoga Kingdom says they are ready to punish Museveni for exhibiting double standards in the affairs of the Kindgom.

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In his response to the demands of the voters, Besigye reminded them that power belongs to citizens. He told the voters at separate campaign rallies in Kamuli and Luuka on Tuesday that it is up to them to reclaim the power, which rightfully belongs to the through the ballot.
According to Besigye, currently Ugandans are grappling with poor service delivery because they are left out when it comes to making key decisions that affect their lives. 

He said Ugandans cannot access good education, cultural leadership, health services, and roads, or cannot even sell their commodities at the right prices because they don't have power.


Besigye said that the few people in government are using the gun and state machinery to hold on to power through vote rigging and accumulate wealth through corruption.
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