Kampala Drivers Ignorant of Traffic Signs


In short
Kampala motorists interviewed in the city were unable to read traffic signs.

A number of motorists in Kampala have exhibited startling level of ignorance about basic road signs despite having gone through driving schools.

A number of drivers that Uganda Radio Network asked to identify basic traffic signs could not tell what they meant. Over fifty drivers were interviewed between mid-July and early this month.

Some of the motorists have had driving permits for ten or more years but did not know the meaning of the basic road signs found along the roads they use every day.

A truck driver found at Arua park was tested with a list of twenty of the most common instructional road signs but he could not tell the meaning of most of them.
Cue in//tukawula tutya kali…..
Cue out//….ako sikategeera"///.

Just one of the fifty motorists URN talk to could tell the meaning of the twenty road signs printed on charts mainly intended for learners going through driving schools.

Allan Atuhaire, the head of the drivers' testing center at the Uganda Police Inspectorate of Vehicles in Naguru in an interview with URN, said he was surprised that motorists were ignorant about common traffic signs.

All drivers according to Atuhaire are taken through a rigorous testing process before they are issued driving permits. One of the tests according to Atuhaire involves mastering the traffic signs.   

He said it was likely that the drivers Uganda Radio Network talked to did learn driving on job or went to substandard driving schools.

Atuhaire said it was likely that some motorists may have forgotten the meaning of the road signs after passing the driving tests. 
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Cue out…matters to look at"///

Atuhaire partly blames driving schools that were not properly regulated before the law governing them came into force in 2012.

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Cue Out ……to required standards"///.
Passenger Taxi drivers in Kampala could not read traffic signs written in English yet most of the traffic road signage in Kampala and major highways are written in English.