Kampala University Hires Private Guards to Protect Luwero Billboard

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Godfrey Ninsiima, the Luweero District Police Commander says Nadduli approached police to help him pull down the bill boards but they declined his request since court is yet to pronounce itself on the dispute.

Kampala University-KU has deployed security guards and volunteers to protect its bill boards along the Kampala-Gulu highway following reports that Luweero LC V chairperson Abdul Nadduli and his sons are planning to destroy them. The bill boards in question are found at Butanza village, about two kilometers from Kampala-University Luweero campus. They were reinstated this week after they were vandalized by Nadduli and his sons over the ongoing ownership wrangle over the Luweero KU campus involving the outspoken Luweero LC V chairperson and the vice chancellor Professor Badru Kateregga.
According to Professor Badru Kateregga, the reinstatement of the bill boards has angered Nadduli, who is allegedly mobilizing some youths and his sons to pull them down. He claims to have received information that Nadduli is bent at confusing parents and students, since the new semester is scheduled to begin on February 1st, 2014. But Kateregga says they spent 5 million shillings to reinstate the bill board and are struggling to erect a student’s signpost, which they will not allow Nadduli to destroy. He says that they have hired several private guards from Saracen and Protection Services, with express instruction to engage Nadduli and any other saboteurs with maximum force.

Kateregga advises Nadduli to explore Court procedures to settle ownership dispute instead of resorting to violent means. Godfrey Ninsiima, the Luweero District Police Commander says Nadduli approached police to help him pull down the bill boards but they declined his request since court is yet to pronounce itself on the dispute. Ninsiima also says that police couldn’t give the university protecting for the bill boards but said they were free to hire private guards so long as they co-operate with the force to prosecute any person who breaches peace of the area. Ninsiima says that police is monitoring the developments and would desist from taking sides in the conflict.

Police is yet to prosecute Nadduli for malicious damage of property at the campus, despite his confession to the crime. Residents of Butanza and Nakyewa villages are also angry with Nadduli saying the unnecessary tension resulting from his behavior is a threat to their businesses at the disputed university campus. Samson Mukasa, a boda boda taxi operator says they benefit from transporting students and parents to the campus adding that, they have resolved to engage Nadduli and his sons should they attempt to stir fresh chaos. Nadduli declined to speak to our reporter on phone over the accusations against him and instead asked to meet him at his office on Friday over the matter.

But in an earlier interview Nadduli told our reporter that he wants Kampala University to stop operating in the disputed premises for alleged failure to them dividends amounting to 240 million shillings in accordance with a memorandum they entered five years ago. He wants the premises to return to Luweero University, which was established 2006 stopped operating due to lack of funds.


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