Karamojong Warriors Disguised as Women to Evade Disarmament Exercise

743 Views Moroto, Uganda
Karamojong cattle rustlers are disguising themselves as women in an attempt to evade the ongoing disarmament exercise, the Uganda People's Defense Force (UPDF) has said. UPDF Third Division spokesperson, Lt. Henry Obbo, says the suspicions of the army were raised by the dramatic fall in men in Moroto district over the past month. He says that whenever the army would conduct cordon-and-search operations of manyattas only women and children would be found and the soldiers would be forced to withdraw. Lt. Obbo says the warriors' luck ran out on Wednesday when soldiers led by Third Division Commander, Colonel Patrick Kankiro, paid closer attention to the masculine looking women at a manyatta in Lokopo sub-county in Moroto. //Cue in: iWe had been #i Cue out: i# to that question.i// Lt. Obbo says an extensive search of the homestead was mounted and several armed men were found hiding among the women and children. 30 illegal guns and 40 stolen heads of cattle were recovered in the operation.