Karimajongs, Dinkas Sign Peace Pact

1363 Views Kaabong, Uganda
The Dodoth Karamojong and the Sudanese Dinka have renewed a peace pact, the two parties signed 15- years ago, to end cross border cattle raids. The Dodoth-Dinka Budi peace accord, was a major peace pact signed in 1992 to end cattle rustling, which caused massive loss of lives and property between the two neighboring communities. Sabina Dario, the Sudanese Parliament speaker says the accord was signed in response to the death of Laura Aya, a resident of Budi County in East Equatorial. Aya was killed by Dinka cattle rustlers shortly after she made an alarm about an impending raid by the Dinka. Major General Peter Longole, the Minister In charge of Reconstruction in East Equatorial State, says the peace pact signed in 1992 ushered in an atmosphere of serenity which has prevailed for the last 15-years. // Cue in: iWhat you are today#i Cue out i#to promote that peacei // Godfrey Kiwanda, the Kaabong Resident District Commissioner, says government intends to build a school at the Uganda-Sudan border as part of the strategies to strengthen the peace pact. He explains that if constructed, children from southern Sudan will be able to benefit from Uganda's Universal Primary Education (UPE) program.


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