Kasese Job Seekers Demand Employment at New Power Station

3086 Views Kasese, Uganda
A group of 100 job seekers who are hoping to be employed by NOREMCO, the company contracted to build Bughoye Power Dam in Kasese, have asked the district leadership to intervene to stop the hiring of workers from outside of Kasese. The job seekers, who sat for interviews at NOREMCO three months ago, told the Kasese Deputy Resident District Commissioner Wilson Isingoma at a meeting over the weekend, that the company was not making use of local human resource. They said NOREMCO has not released a shortlist of potential employees over the past nine weeks and consistently imports workers from outside Kasese. According to the job seekers, many who complained bitterly of biting poverty and the absence of employment, NOREMCO has a duty to hire workers from the district in which it has invested its money. Isingoma pledged to meet with the company's Site Manager to present the grievances of the group. Every morning hundreds of young men and women walk to the Bughoye power plant site to look for work. Steven Bwambale, the area Sub-County Speaker, says the large number of idle youth pose a security threat. He says he has advised NOREMCO to employ some of the eligible youth, but the suggestion has not been adopted. The NOREMCO project at Bughoye has been beset by problems since it started. In March several employees were sacked for stealing fuel from the site. The NOREMCO Site Manager, Vasco Fernando, said many employees from Kasese has proved to be untrustworthy. He refused to comment on the company's employment policy or to discuss the job seeker's claims. NOREMCO is a subsidiary of Veidekke ASA, one of Norway's largest contractors that is involved in civil engineering, building construction, mining and quarry services.