Kasese Man Attempts Suicide After Floods Ravage Crops

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Bagumas crops were destroyed by River Sebwe after it burst its banks and flooded into peoples gardens. The flooding followed heavy rains that occurred last night.When URN talked to Baguma, he said his rice farm was his only hope that has now been dashed away the floods.

A 60-year-old man attempted to commit suicide after floods ravaged his crops in Karusandara Village, Karusandara Sub County.

Deo Baguma, a rice farmer nearly threw himself into the flash floods only to be rescued by fellow farmers. 

Baguma's crops were destroyed after River Sebwe burst its banks and flooded into people's gardens. The flooding followed heavy rains that occurred on Tuesday night. 

Baguma said his rice farm was his only source of income and was near harvesting. He explains that in a space of less than a month, he would have harvested rice which he estimates at a tune of 2 million shillings.

He added that he had invested all his resources in the farm hoping to take care of his eight children but also pay back the loan he acquired from the bank. 

//Cue in: "Nyine Obusasi…"
Cue out: "….ngakorireki."//

I am feeling a lot of pain for this loss. Do you know what it means to feel you have moved a step forward only to be forced backwards? I worked hard at this farm, but what would I do to stop the water? 

Jane Kabau, a farmer, says it is very expensive to cultivate in the area since transport to the area is complicated and labour expensive.

//Cue in: "Abandu beno bali…."
Cue out: "….kubyamabi tsanda."//

The people here charge expensively when they work for you. So what I paid for labour, the seedlings, my time, but now see all my crops have been destroyed.

About 300 acres of beans, sweet potatoes, rice, cabbages and cassava gardens belonging to farmers were destroyed.

Kasese district vice chairman Gideon Ntabose, who had gone to Karusandara to sympathize with the farmers, said the district will find solutions to help the affected farmers.
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Cue out: "….mulekerera."//

Ntabosi said he was surprised that the August rains could cause such huge damage.

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Cue out: "…..divertinga amazzi."//


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