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The Members of Parliament from Kasese have rebuked former defense minister, Dr. Crispus Kiyonga for victimising the Rwenzururu kingdom as an enemy of the central government.

The Members of Parliament from Kasese have rebuked former defense minister, Dr. Crispus Kiyonga for victimising the Rwenzururu kingdom as an enemy of the central government.

Dr. Kiyonga who has been at the helm of the politics in Kasese since 1980 appeared on a number of television stations in Kampala on Thursday and Friday where he accused Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere of disobeying government directives to disband his royal guards.

The government accuse the Rwenzururu kingdom royal guards of attacking military installations killing and injuring several security personnel since 2014.

The Uganda People's Defense Forces on Sunday attacked the Buhikira royal palace before arresting Omusinga Mumbere with 136 people suspected to be his royal guards. They also killed 46 others according to official police figures.

Dr. Kiyonga, a former MP for Bukonzo west staged a spirited fight against the recognition of the kingdom but later decided to support fellow Bakonzo at the time of recognition in 2009.

Upon their arrival to Kasese hoping to attended the planned mass burial of the victims of the attacks, the MPs led by leader of opposition, Winfred Kiiza fired back at Dr. Kiyonga whom they accused of disguising to be a friend to the kingdom when he was still in cabinet.

Kiiza told URN that for five years, Dr.Kiyonga had the power to arrest and disarm the royal guards who have been attending the same cultural functions with him.

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Godfrey Atkins Katusabe who defeated Dr. Kiyonga to the Bukonzo west parliamentary sit says that his predecessor must be ignored because he is a disgrace transmitting fabricated information to buy visibility.

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Harold Tony Muhindo, MP Bukonzo East faults Dr.Kiyonga for deceiving the nation that Kasese has benefited from the services delivered by the NRM government adding that the projects that marketed Kasese collapsed.

Muhindo says that the railway, the airstrip and agricultural opportunities became history.

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The MPs also wondered why Dr. Kiyonga is insisting on the need to prosecutor Omusinga Mumbere who is charged with murder instead of working together with them to demand for his unconditional release in order to give way for dialogue with the government.

Kiiza says that such demands may threaten the intended dialogue.

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