Katebwa: NRA's Neglected Hideout

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The infrastructure which includes roads, schools and health facilities are in a poor state. Residents say that they deserve more because of the services they rendered to the current government.

Located at the slopes of Mt. Ruwenzori in Kabarole district, there lies Katebwa Sub County, a historical place in the country. 
Katebwa is one those historical places in the Luweero Triangle that acted as the National Resistance Army (NRA) guerrillas' hideouts from 1981 to 1986 that toppled Obote's regime. The then NRA rebels in Katebwa were led by the late Brigadier Chef Ali.
The area was also used by the then National Resistance Army (NRA) as a launch pad for capturing most areas in Tooro during the 1986 liberation war.
During the war, residents of Katebwa provided food, shelter and intelligence information to the NRA rebels.
However 27 years later, residents of Katebwa say that they have received little reward from the government for the services they rendered.
The infrastructure which includes the roads, schools, health facilities remain in a poor state. The area also lacks adequate water supply.
Steven Baguma, a resident of Nsuura village says that they feel they have been neglected by the government, despite the contribution to the liberation struggle.
Baguma says that the government should appreciate and establish a special fund for the sub county. He says that more health facilities should be constructed, electricity installed and the roads worked on.
He says that often the terminally sick, including expectant mothers are brought down the mountain slopes on stretchers to access the health facilities and some die before reaching hospital.
Dan Rubombora, a retired veteran who participated in the liberation war in Katebwa, blames the leadership in the district for not pressing for the demands of the people of Katebwa.
Rubombora says that if the roads are worked on, farmers can be able to take their produce to the markets.
//Cue in: “they are being let down…
Cue out: “…get what they want.”//
John Manume, the LC5 district councillor Katebwa says that apart from the poor infrastructure, the government has also failed to honour its pledge of compensating the civilians who lost property during the war.
Manume says residents have often waited to be compensated in vain.
//Cue in: “those people who assisted…
Cue out: “…compensate them as promised.”//
In a telephone interview, Rose Namayanja, the state minister in-charge Luweero Triangle, says that the government hasn’t neglected the area. She says that the area will benefit from the Luwero-Ruwenzori Development Programme.
Namayanja says that the programme had been put on halt citing irregularities, but will resume in March.
The programme is aimed at improving the livelihoods of the communities which were affected by the National Resistance Movement liberation struggle and Allied Democratic Force (ADF) insurgency.


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