Katurebe introduces hotlines to curb corruption in Judiciary


In short
Chief Justice Bert Katurbe is moving his determination to fight corruption in the judiciary by introducing SMS-based hotlines for the public to report corrupt judges , magistrates and judiciary support staff.

You can now report cases of corruption and any form of malpractice in the judiciary by sending a text through mobile phone hotlines announced by Chief Justice, Justice Bert Katurebe.

The telephone hotlines announced by Justice Katurebe are part of his efforts to get rid of corruption in the judiciary.

Katurebe says the Judiciary is tired of appearing on the list of most corrupt institutions in the country.
He says now anyone one is free to use the three hotlines 077-670-9100, 070-370-7085 and 079-470-2085 raise a complaint about judicial officers and their support staff.

The hotlines are intended for precise short test message but not voice calls according justice Katurebe.

Katurebe mid last month asked any member of the public to raise complaints or provide him with a list of corrupt judicial officers but none has so far turned up almost a month after.
Mr. Paul Gadenya the Chief Registrar of Courts of Judicature said the hotlines are just the first step in toward opening up communication between the judiciary and the public as well strengthening the complaints handling mechanism in the Judiciary.

Gadenya says apart from the hotlines, the judiciary ray will soon establish a customer Service Center at the High Court in Kampala so as to reach members of the public who use the internet including social media.