Kazini Pulled Out A Pistol To Kill Me, Draru Tells Court

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Lydia Atim Draru, the woman accused of killing former army commander, Major General James Kazini has finally given her side of the story, telling court that Kazini pulled out a pistol wanting to kill her.

Lydia Atim Draru, the woman accused of killing former army commander, Major General James Kazini has finally given her side of the story about the brutal killing.
Kazini was killed on November 10th 2009 at Draru’s residence in Wabigalo, Makindye division. Draru later confessed to killing the General but insisted she did so in self defense.
The accused was slated to take the stand last week but she failed to do so after collapsing in court moments before she was due to start her defense.

On Monday, Draru finally took un-sworn option of defense, where an accused does not take oath, is not cross examined by the state, and they only give their testimony.

Speaking in Luganda, Draru gave an emotional account that led to the demise of her lover, whom she fondly called James. She sobbed while narrating to court insisting that she killed the general in self defense. The accused said all she told court was the truth from her heart without lying.

Draru told court that she had spent her evening of November 9th 2009 in the company of Kazini at International Hotel in Muyenga and later at Okapi Hotel in Buziga. They took alcohol together until Draru got tired and wanted to go home to sleep.

Upon reaching home, Draru says she changed into a T-shirt while Kazini went to the bathroom. Later Kazini asked for alcohol but Draru served it out of fear and respect after insisting that her lover was too drunk to continue drinking.

It was at this point that an argument ensued. Kazini persistently abused her accusing her of being a prostitute, bringing men home and stealing money. Draru denied all allegations leveled against her.

The late Kazini reportedly continued to hurl insults as his temper rose. According to Draru, the General took the glass he was using to drink and hit the table while shouting: “You don’t know me. You will understand who I am.” He also held the bottle of whisky wanting to hit Draru with it but missed and hit a round glass table.

At this point, Kazini drew his pistol threatening to shoot Draru. He reportedly asked her whether he should shoot the legs or the ears. Draru knelt down to plead for mercy claiming she was an orphan. Kazini was remorseful and calmed down. He later gave her 200 US dollars with instructions that the money would be for domestic use paying school fees for her niece. Draru says Kazini then left the house for his home because he was preparing to travel to Sudan.

Moments later, while Draru was sleeping, Kazini rang her phone with threats that he was coming back to finish her for stealing money from him. Draru thought it was a joke asking him to return when he was sober in order to resolve issues. The General did not adhere to her advice; he came back to the house demanding for his stolen money.

Court heard that Kazini beat Draru as she made an alarm. He tried to strangle her while stating that he would kill her there and then. He momentarily stopped; headed to the doorway to pick his gun from the car. It was at this point, according to Draru that she also headed to the bathroom to pick the infamous iron bar.

She returned and hit him on his back before he fell down on the floor. She also told court that some forehead injuries on Kazini could have occurred as a result of the broken glasses on the floor.

After seeing Kazini body lying motionless, she ran out of the house to make an alarm. She called the local council chairman of the area but his phone was off and later called her sister who advised her to run away. But she could not run away because she claimed the killing was not intended.

Draru later told police that she committed the offence in self defence and after a fight with the late general.

Draru disagreed with prosecution witness, Tereza Irwao, a midwife with a clinic across the road from her home. Irwao told court last week that Draru hit the body while saying “die, die, in the hands of a woman.” She insisted that the midwife’s place was so far from her rented apartment for the woman to have heard anything.