KCC Unveils Regulations for Outdoor Advertisers

8391 Views Kampala, Uganda
Kampala City Council has unveiled a new policy on outdoor advertising setting stringent provisions for advertising firms. Uganda lacks an outdoor advertising policy which has resulted in the erection of unplanned structures and disorderliness in high density population areas like Kampala City. Under the policy an operational license for a firm will renewed annually depending on adherence to the regulations within the policy. Florence Namayanja the KCC Deputy Mayor warns that Council will deface any billboard erected in breach of the regulations. The policy comes into effect in July, this year. //Cue in: iThe policy is intended to# Cue out: #in certain areas.i// Under the policy KCC intends to divide Kampala into three advertising zones that will have varied requirements for erecting outdoor advertising structures. The inner zone covers areas of high density, commercial enclaves, developments along the main streets and relatively high economic activity. These include the Golf Course roundabout, Mulago roundabout, Makerere Hill Road, Old Kampala, NamirembeQueensway, Kibuye and Nsambya roads. Others are Mukwano road, Jinja road and Babiiha road. Under the policy the advertising firms will be required to erect billboards of 18 square meters or less. The billboards must be well lit and approved by KCC. KCC has however given leeway to advertising firms to erect larger sized billboards in the outer zone which has little human activity and low density residential areas. The policy also prohibits billboards within distances of slopes, traffic signs and road curves. Namayanja today met with representatives of over 30 outdoor advertising firms at City Hall over the new policy. One of the key concerns of the advertising firms was the issue of conflicting roles between the Uganda National Roads Authority which manages selected roads within the City and KCC. James Kiwanuka Chairperson Outdoor Advertising Association also proposed that the representation of the firms on the Commission be increased to two for purposes of transparency. He also accused KCC of double standards in allocation of advertising sites. The Commission on outdoor advertising is expected to meet within two weeks to address the concerns of the out advertising firms.