KCCA Report Petitioners: Speaker Ignoring Real Issues

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Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze said that the speaker was just looking for a soft landing on the issues she raised in the petition questioning the authenticity of the KCCA report.

Some Members of Parliament have accused Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah over his decision to suspend debate on the Kampala takeover and asking the Committee on Public Service and Local Government to harmonize their position on the KCCA report.

Oulanyah suspended debate on Tuesday and asked the committee members to meet on Wednesday morning and agree on a common position ahead of the plenary later in the day.
But Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze, who is a member of the committee, said that the deputy speaker was just looking for a soft landing on the issues she raised in the petition questioning the authenticity of the KCCA report. Nambooze had earlier told Parliament that the report was forged and that it did not represent the views of all the committee members.
Nambooze said that instead of the speaker referring the matter raised to the Clerk to Parliament as it is provided for under rule 193 of the rules of procedure, he instead decided to continue ruling on the matter.
Rule 193(3)(1) of Parliamentary rules of Procedure states that in case of a complaint as to the authenticity of the report, the speaker shall halt the debate on the report and refer the matter to the clerk for investigation who shall report back to the speaker before the next sitting of the house.
In Oulanyah’s ruling on this matter, he insisted that the KCCA report was signed by 10 members of the committee out of 17 which is beyond the required number of signatures and that only a member’s denial of signing the report could raise the questioning of the authenticity of the report.
Nambooze also argues that the time given to the committee between Tuesday and Wednesday 2pm is not enough to come up with a credible report to read to parliament.
She instead insisted that the chairperson of the committee Florence Kintu be investigated following her actions on the floor of parliament where she brought out minutes of the committee meetings later after the KCCA report was already presented to the house.
On Thursday last week Kintu read the KCCA report to parliament but presented with it only minutes for three meeting that took place in January 2013.
Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago said that the credibility of the ninth parliament is highly questionable given the fact that a chairperson of the committee can come up with a contested report and it is read on the floor of parliament without full minutes of the committee meetings.   
He added that the heat he observed in the house today tells volumes of what is happening and going on in the City Authority and that parliament is standing a test of its time.
Minister in charge of Kampala Frank Tumwebaze said that the authors of the KCCA petition have been found guilty by parliament and now they are trying to bring technicalities contesting the report in order to fail it.
He blamed the Lord Mayor for failing the authority adding that that he does not call council meetings, he refused to pass the KCCA budget and recently failed the collection of tax fares and now the Authority is losing billions of shillings.
Tumwebaze defended the recommendation in the contested KCCA report that the president takes over Kampala, saying that since article 54 of the constitution puts the administration of the Authority under the president and given the fact that the delegated executive is finding problems then automatically the president has to take over.
The committee on Public Service and Local government is scheduled to sit Wednesday at 9am to harmonize the KCCA report and later in the afternoon report to the house as directed by deputy speaker Oulanya.