Kenyan Artisans find Success at Lugogo Trade Fair

934 Views Kampala, Uganda
The International Trade Fair currently taking place at the Lugogo showground in Kampala has attracted small-scale artisans from across the East African Community. The artisans have pitched camp in Lugogo for the week-long trade show to display innovative intermediate technologies, as well as arts and crafts unique to the region. Everyday since the show opened on Thursday this week, Abraham Katiko a Kenyan artist, has set up shop in Lugogo to sell his unique brand of personalized jewelry. Instead of using gold or silver, Katiko makes necklaces for his customers out of a monogrammed grain of rice. Instead of being turned off by a grain of rice placed in a small glass tube, hundreds of clients are flocking to his little stall, Katiko says. He says he is able to monogram the rice with any sort of wording from people's names to messages for loved ones. //Cue in: iYes, you can write #i Cue out: i# lasts forever.i// Katiko says his jewelry is selling like hotcakes and that he has make more than two million shillings in just two days. He says he has already gained quite sufficient success in Kenya, enabling him to venture into other businesses like real estate. He hopes that his rice jewelry business will also become a hit in Kampala.