Kibaale Voters Reject Ethnic Politics

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Voters in Kibaale are threatening to vote against any candidate whose campaign is based on tribal sentiments instead of telling voters his election agenda. Kibaale is comprised of over 30 ethnic groups with the majority being the indigenous Banyoro and migrant Bakiga. The two dominant ethnic communities have on several occasions clashed over leadership positions and land ownership. In 2001, the conflict reached its peak when the two ethnic groups clashed after Fred Rulemera; a migrant Mukiga was elected chairman drawing protests from the indigenous Bakiga. Having suffered the blunt of tribal conflicts both Banyoro and Bakiga say they don't want a replica of the 2001 scenario. The voters say that will only vote candidates based on their manifesto and not tribe. Abdul Rukyalekere, an indigenous Munyoro and the NRM chairman of Muhorro Sub County says that he will only vote for a candidate who has capacity to deliver. He asks voters to look beyond tribal sentiments and resist any candidate who campaigns along tribal lines. Rukyalekere says that Muhorro needs a candidate who will lobby for them to have improved health services, good roads and service delivery. Jaffrey Kwiringira, a Mukiga says that he will vote anyone who is capable to deliver services to the community. The student says he will vote any leader whose campaign manifesto gears towards improving the standard of education and provision of employment. Richard Rukyalekere, a special hire driver in Muhorro says unlike the previous campaigns candidates are campaigning on issues and not tribal sentiments. He says that as a driver he needs a candidate who would lobby for the improvement of the road infrastructure and not promote tribalism. Despite this most of the candidates vying for different electoral offices in the campaigns are indigenous Banyoro. Both candidates contesting for the district LC V seat and parliamentary seats are indigenous Banyoro, except in the newly created Bugangaizi seat. Both the incumbent Mabel Bakeine and her rival Aisha Agaba are all Bakiga.


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