King Oyo Moves To Quell Discontent Among His Subjects

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On Tuesday, they vowed never to perform any rituals at the King's palace. They argue that there is no need to carry out any rituals since the King is always absent from his kingdom.

Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV, the King of Tooro Kingdom has moved in to quell discontent among his subjects. King Oyo has come under criticism from his subjects especially the youths, elders and some members of the royal clan, the Babiito over the state of affairs in the kingdom for the past two weeks.

Among the concerns raised by the subjects is the King's continued absence from his kingdom and failure to prevail over the Queen Mother, Best Kemigisa and some palace officials to stop interfering in Kingdom matters. The latest to join the subjects are the kingdom ritual performers. 

On Tuesday, they vowed never to perform any rituals at the King's palace. They argue that there is no need to carry out any rituals since the King doesn't stay at his palace. King Oyo has now invited the more than 20 ritual performers for an urgent meeting later today at his palace in Fort Portal. 

The ritual performers include those who prepare the king's meal, milk the king's cattle, store the king's spears and shields and sound the royal drum. They perform rituals whenever the King's is at his palace and during his coronation anniversary. 

In a letter seen by Uganda Radio Network addressed to the head of the ritual performers and signed by the King's personal assistant Jonathan Baguma, all the ritual performers are supposed to attend the meeting. Although the reasons for the meeting weren't indicated, a palace source who preferred anonymity told Uganda Radio Network that, the King is concerned about the current developments in his kingdom.
The source says that the King is not happy especially with the move by the ritual performers. Rev. Richard Baguma, Tooro Kingdom culture minister declined to divulge details saying the meeting is normal. In the coming days, King Oyo will also meet the youth-wing under their umbrella Amacumu ne Bitara bya Rukirabasaija (the king's swords and spears), members of the royal clan and kingdom elders. He is also slated to meet kingdom cabinet ministers. 

King Oyo's meeting with key subjects comes after the police on Monday blocked the Tooro royal clan leaders meeting at the Mucwa, the kingdom headquarters. The police led by Geoffrey Kahebwa, the Kabarole district police commander was under instructions from King Oyo and Kemigisa to stop the meeting, which was called by Charles Kamurasi, the head of the royal clan.


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