Kisoro Mayor Pleads for Release of Prostitutes

4195 Views Kisoro, Western Region, Uganda
The LC3 chairperson of Kisoro town, Sam Byibesho, is pleading for the release of 32 prostitutes who were arrested by the police earlier this week. The prostitutes were arrested in an anti-crime crackdown throughout Kisoro town. The District Police Commander, George Abaho, says the women are being investigated for their alleged role in a gang of robbers who have been terrorizing the town. He claims that the prostitutes' homes are used to hide stolen property and as dens for thieves. Since their arrest, none of the prostitutes has been produced in court. During a public meeting with the District Police Commander, Sam Byibesho, requested the police to treat the prostitutes more humanely. He proposed that instead of locking them up, they could be used as informers to point the police to trouble spots and hardcore criminals. Byibesho said there were ways in which the prostitutes and the town residents could coexist peacefully and he offered to work to achieve this. Despite being largely tolerated in Uganda, prostitution is still a criminal offense. Section 131 of the Penal Code Act says any person who knowingly lives on the earnings of prostitution and who solicits prostitution is guilty of an offence and is liable for imprisonment for seven years.


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