Kitgum Church Closed for Opposing Medical Treatment

2072 Views Kitgum, Uganda
Kitgum District Council has banned the activities of Capernaum Church of God Ministries, which stops its followers from seeking medical treatment.

The council issued a one-week ultimatum for the church to vacate the district. The Church is located at Bipong village, Labongo Amida sub-county.

Wilfred Nyeko, the LC3 Chairperson of Labongo Amida sub-county says the Church prohibits its sick followers from seeking medical treatment and forces the female followers to administer 'holy water' if they want to find husbands. 

According to Nyeko, the Church was also causing noise pollution in the community.

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Nyeko says that the sub-county has registered several complaints from concerned church members and neighbouring community about the misleading guidelines of the church. He says that the activities of the Church are similar to those of a cult. 

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Charles Odongkara, a resident says that the decision by the district council is long overdue. He explains that the church has been luring, women, children and youth.

//Cue in: "I really condemn...
Cue out...even the youth."//

The Kitgum District Female Youth Councillor Evelyn Aparo says that the Church should have been closed with immediate effect. She explains that the one-week ultimatum is too long and may cause danger to the community.

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Capernaum Church reportedly registered from Kampala and started its operation in Kitgum in 2014 but did not seek authorization from the sub-county. The church was expelled from then Kitgum Town Council.

Early this month, William Komakech the Kitgum Resident District Commissioner wrote a letter to Pastor Josephine Anek the church leader to close down and pave way for investigations but the church rebelled against the directives forcing enraged residents to set the church ablaze.

Anek declined to comment on the decision by the district council.