Kitgum Schools Lose Full Licenses due to Teacher Shortages

1976 Views Kitgum, Uganda
A number primary schools in Kitgum have had their full status licenses revoked because of an acute shortage of teachers. Onyaa Primary School in Lumule Parish, Kitgum, is one of the districts facing demotion. It only has four teachers to manage the rising number of students, many whose family are returning home after decades of living in camps for the internally displaced. Walter Omony, whose children are enrolled in Onyaa Primary School, says the shortage of the teachers is a source of concern for many parents. He says he sent his children to the school confident that they would remain in it for the rest of their primary education. Omony says none of the parents were informed of the demotion of the school. He demands that by next term all classes should be opened and students preparing for the Primary Leaving Examinations should be registered. //Cue in: iNext term #i Cue out: i# must do exams.i// Christopher Obalim, Kitgum's senior education officer, says only schools with more than eight teachers can be granted P.7 status. He says schools like Onyaa have to wait for the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Service to recruit new teachers before it can enroll pupils in all its classes. //Cue in: iOnyaa Primary School has #i Cue out: i# the Ministry of Public Service.i// 22 primary schools in Kitgum have been demoted. Obalim says that in some schools, neighboring communities have rallied together to raise money to employ their own teachers and have been granted P7 status.


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