Kyambogo Lecturers Present More Evidence Against VC

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Kyambogo University lecturers have tabled more evidence pinning the sitting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Isaiah Omolo Ndiege on cases of mismanagement in the institution

Kyambogo University lecturers have tabled more evidence pinning the sitting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Isaiah Omolo Ndiege on cases of mismanagement in the institution.

The lecturers led by Rev. Dr. Grace Lubaale, the Vice chairperson Kyambogo University Academic staff Association (KYUASA), presented evidence to the parliamentary committee on Education indicating how one of the university buildings was contracted without following the procurement procedures. The university paid over 700 million shillings for NPT building that houses school of management and entrepreneurship.

Other forms of mismanagement include more than 200 million shillings lost in compensation of temporary workers that have been fired illegally. It is believed that Prof. Ndiege ignored legal advice from the university lawyers leading to the loss of colossal amounts of money that could have been avoided. Dr. Lubaale observed that since 2010 more than 30 staff have resigned from the university citing poor working conditions as their main reasons for resigning.

The VC is also alleged to have asked for refunds for items purchased using his personal money. For instance he bought a DSTV decoder for his office without following the procurement procedures. He also purchased 3 wheeler vehicles from a Kenyan company without following Public Procurement Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA) rules. The same queries are raised in the Auditor General’s report in 2009/10 financial year.

Kyambogo University refused to enhance Prof. Ndiege’s salary until a revision of his mandate and contract was done. But that has not stopped the VC from rewarding himself. The lecturers claim that the Prof. Ndiege has looked for every opportunity to travel in order to get per diem. Every night that the VC spends out of Uganda, he is entitled to 510 US dollars. He is believed to reward his henchmen through selective promotions while awarding others with trips abroad.

Dr. Peter Obanda Wanyana, secretary welfare KYUASA, notes that Prof. Ndiege has shot down the research efforts of the university. A suggestion to open up a special account that would allow the monitoring of money coming in for research was rejected without clear reasons. He says money availed for research has been reduced from 20 million to 15 million shillings for PHD. At the Masters level, Dr. Obanda notes that the money has been reduced from 15million to 10 million shillings.

Sister Grace Maria Gorretti, also a lecturer, has fallen victim of the spying network set up by Prof. Ndiege. She says the professor has stooped so low as to use students to spy for him and are paid for work done. Some of the spies have spread malicious lies that have landed staff in problems.

The university has since been closed since August 30.There are fears that it would take more than two months to reopen the university if the impasse is not resolved. This puts the lives of more than 20, 000 students and 421 lectures in jeopardy.

The committee chaired by Silvia Namabidde says Parliament will expeditiously investigate the matter and hopes that a report will be out soon to enable the reopening of the university.

Nambidde says the committee will have to summon Prof. Ndiege again to provide more information on this.