Kyambogo University Ready To Open Monday

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Professor Elli Katunguka Rwakishaya, the acting university Vice Chancellor says the top management took the decision after carefully analyisng the implications of the delayed opening of the semester.

Management of Kyambogo University has issued a communication to both new and continuing students to report to the University on Monday, August 15th.

Th management of the University is in a standoff with the non-teaching staff over the opening of the new academic year. Even after issuing the communication the university's non-teaching staff have rejected it. The decision comes after the top management meeting that took place on Friday evening.

Professor Elli Katunguka Rwakishaya, the acting university Vice Chancellor says the top management took the decision after carefully looking at the implications of the delayed opening of the semester. He says further delay of the opening will affect the subsequent programmes at the campus.

Katunguka says the last academic year was affected by similar incidences of strikes by the non-teaching staff that forced many unwanted changes;

//Cue in: "We had a meeting…
Cue out: …services to students."//

Katunguka says the university management has already put in contingency measures to help the new students in-case the non-teaching staff fail to show up. According to him, student volunteers have already registered to help. He also says many staff are willing to resume work, but are being intimidated by the officials of the Public University Non-Teaching Staff Consultative Forum-PUNTSEF.

However, officials from the non-teaching staff have scoffed at the acting Vice Chancellor's pronouncement. Michael Eladu, the chairperson of National Union of Education Institutions, Kyambogo says the communication from the vice chancellor is a failed attempt. He says so long as government has not paid their money, they will continue with the strike. He has asked the students to ignore the message and remain at home.

Jackson Betihamah, the PUNTSEF Chairperson says the communication by the Vice Chancellor holds no grounds. He says the non-teaching staff of Kyambogo University held a general assembly and unanimously agreed to stay at home. He also rubbished the claims that they are intimidating and threatening those who want to resume work. He says Katunguka is looking for sympathy and cheap popularity which the non-teaching staff cannot entertain.

The students guild has remained quiet on whether the students will demand for services if the strike continues. Attempts to get the side of the guild from the president Lawrence Lugalavu were futile as his known mobile number couldn't go through.


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