Kyegegwa District Fails To Utilize Funds For Road Rehabilitation

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Kyegegwa district local government has failed to utilize funds meant for rehabilitating roads in the district.

Kyegegwa district local government has failed to utilize funds meant for rehabilitating roads in the district.

In the 2010/2011 financial year, the works sector was allocated 800 million shillings to rehabilitate feeder roads in Hapunyo Sub County. In 2011/2012 budget, 900 million shillings was allocated for routine and periodic maintenance of the feeder roads in Kyaka Sub County.

The money has however never been effectively utilized and the roads are in a poor state. In some areas, the roads are poorly done and get damaged in a short time.

In Ruyonza parish in Kyaka Sub County, the 10 kilometer Kigambo-Ntuntu road is impassable, not even a bicycle or motorcycle can use the road. This has affected traders who sell their merchandise in the two major markets in Kyegegwa town council.

David Isingoma, a trader says that he has attended district budget sessions and money is released to rehabilitate roads in his area, but the roads are still in a poor state and nothing has been done to address the problem.  Isingoma says that during the market days, he sometimes fails to transport his merchandize.

He says that he is forced to sell his clothes at home, but he fails to get customers because his home is not strategically located.

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Cue out: “…for the traders and other people.”//

When Uganda Radio Network visited the market on Wednesday morning, there were few traders. Deborah Twijuke, a trader said her colleagues are forced to incur high transport costs when they use trucks to the market.

The road to Kyaka II Refuge camp is also in a bad state. Refugees from different countries are finding it difficult to access Ruyonza Health Centre III and the health unit at the camp.

Suzan Komuhendo, a resident of Ruyonza village says that since they can’t access the health centres, they are forced to use the services of herbalists because they can easily be accessed. Komuhendo says that whenever they want to go to the health centres, they are charged high transport costs by boda boda cyclists, who take advantage of the bad roads.

But Gordon Bwashaba, the district secretary for works says that last financial year, only one out of the six roads was worked on. He says that the rest of the roads were not rehabilitated because the district failed to identify competent contractors. Bwashaba says that funds are on the district account and will soon be put to use.

He adds that the funds for this financial year have also not yet been utilized because the district procurement committee was disbanded last month and there was no replacement.
Bwashaba says that by October, three roads were supposed to have been rehabilitated in Hapuyo Sub County.

He also says that the district’s road equipment broke down and part of the money for rehabilitation of the roads was channeled to repair the equipment, since no funds were allocated for repair.


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