Kyenjojo Teachers Spark off School Drop Outs

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Teachers in Kyenjojo district have been accused of sparking off the high school drop out rates especially in the Universal Primary Education schools.

Mwesige Christopher, the vice chairman and secretary for education and sports, says that pupils have been sent home for failure to pay the PTA contribution.

Each child is expected to pay between 5,000 and 20,000 shillings as PTA contribution.

But Mwesige says that many parents who have four children in the schools are finding it hard to raise about 100,000 shillings to clear off this fee.

He says many pupils whose parents cannot afford to pay the fee, decide to stay home and never to return to the schools.

A report released by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), showed that Uganda has the highest school drop out rates in East Africa.
A follow-up of every 100 pupils who joined Primary One in 1999, showed that only 25 reached Primary Seven in 2006.

The Kyenjojo Education secretary, says that the high school drop out rates in his district have corroded all the gains made under the universal Primary Education Program. He says that the PTA is posing a strong barrier for the poor parents.

The district has resolved that PTA fees must be levied after consultations between the schools and the teachers. Mwesige says that it is totally unacceptable to send away pupils for failure to pay PTA.

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