Lamogi: Where Bats Taste Delicious

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Bats meal is rarely heard of on the menu in most homes or hotels. However, the Lamogi community, a clan in Amuru district, Acholi sub region that is much known for resisting the colonial administration of the British during the famous Lamogi rebellion of 1911 is where one would be certain for enjoy a bat meal.

Lamogi Sub County in Amuru district is mainly known for hosting a community that famously resisted the colonial administration of the British. But there is more about the Lamogi community that is unknown to many people. They have a marked appetite for bats, - a tasty delicacy.

It is common to find young boys and elderly men carrying sticks, which they use to hunt down the norcturnal mammals.

Kennery Lakane, a resident of Amora village, Lamogi Sub- county explains that hunters use thorny tree braches to beat the bats,  between 6pm when they leave the caves and 5am when they return from their nocturnal adventures.

Groups of people position themselves at the entrance of the caves in the evening and early morning to trap the bats, which get stuck on the thorns of the tree branches. Lakane explains that the hot spot for hunting the bats is around the many caves at Guruguru hills, a historical spot for the Lamogi rebellion.

After accumulating their prey, it is boiled in hot steaming water and carefully pieced together on sticks and put either under the sun or  over the fire to dry.

Lakane says that a meal of bats can either be seasoned with simsim and groundnuts paste or fried using cooking oil. He said a stick of pieces of the smoked bats is sold at 1,000 shillings on the local markets and among the villages.
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James Okello, a resident of Guruguru parish says that he has grown up eating bats and considers it a delicacy like any other game meat. However, despite the fact that bat meat is commonly eaten in the community, it is not common to find it in the hotels.

Jacinta Onimu, the proprietor of a local hotel at Guruguru trading centre says that it is difficult to gather enough bats to feed many people.

Lamogi Sub County is located about 30 kilometers west of Gulu in Amuru district and although the area is part of the Acholi, the practice is not heard of in the rest of the sub region.

It is not clear whether the practice resulted from the months of confinement in the caves, the home of the bats as the British hunted down members of the community.

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