Land Dispute : Zombo Residents Petition Parliament

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They claim that Mukwano Industries and their West Nile distributor Ozu brothers Limited are in the final stages of taking over their 1285 hectares of land.

Residents of Abanga area in Zeu Sub County in Zombo district have petitioned Parliament over the failure by Nebbi district and government to resolve their land wrangle with Mukwano Group of Companies.
Eight clans in Abanga have been in conflict with Mukwano industries since 2008 over land they claim the group is trying to illegally acquire. They claim their pleas to government to address the conflict have not yielded any results.
As a result, the affected residents have petitioned Parliament through Emmy Kakura, the Zombo District LC V chairman to intervene in the matter. They claim that Mukwano Industries and their West Nile distributor Ozu brothers Limited are in the final stages of taking over their 1285 hectares of land.  In their petition, the affected residents claim that the two sister companies are now using Rasul Aluma, the Zombo RDC, to grab their land.

Kasmuru Ogentho, the chief complainant,says that they only gave 500 hectares for tea growing but they are shocked that the company claims to have bought their land from government. Kakura says that he has already passed on the petition to the speaker of parliament and area MP.

But Samuel Ejidra, the Managing Director of Ozuu Brothers, the distributor of Mukwano products, says that he acquired the land from Mukwano Group of Companies after it was sold by Agricultural Enterprise Uganda. He says much as some residents are complaining, he has offered jobs to over 1000 people from the area.

He appealed to district leaders of Zombo to restrain those trying to incite the populace against his project. Rasul Aluma, Zombo RDC, accuses some politicians of fueling the land problem.
According to Aluma, the documents submitted to his office by Mukwano Group of Companies indicate that they legally acquired the land.

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Last year the residents burned down a pine plantation established by Mukwano industries on the same land to express their dissatisfaction over the attempted takeover.


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