Lawyer MPs Vow Not to Appear Before Mwondha

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The re-deployment of Justice Faith Mwondha to Nakawa High court has drawn mixed reactions from some members of Parliament. The MPs, mostly lawyers are questioning Mwondha's impartiality, with some vowing not to appear before her. Abdu Katuntu, Stephen Tashobya, Peter Nyombi and Erias Lukwago allege that MPs do not expect a fair hearing before Justice Faith Mwondah given her battles with parliament. Bugweri County MP, Abdu Katuntu says that it will be hard for any Member of Parliament to appear before Justice Mwondha especially after she publicly stated that the Parliament is full of wicked persons. // Cue in: iJustice Faith # Cue out: # negative view about MPi // Peter Nyombi who once chaired the legal and Parliamentary Affair Committee of Parliament says that, people being represented in court by MPs may suffer because of Mwondah's bias on the MPs. //Cue In: iJustice Mwondah has been heard # Cue out: # a problem with that deploymenti // Kampala Central MP, Erias Lukwago says he will next week object to Mwondah, presiding over a case in which he is representing two MPs. Henry Kyemba a member of the Judicial Service Commission has asked MPs to submit a formal complaint against Justice Mwondah if their grievances are to be resolved by the Judiciary. Lady Justice Faith Mwondah repeatedly refused to appear before the legal affairs committee to present her policy statements during her four-year tenure as Inspector General of government. She also refused to appear before the Parliament appointments committee for vetting when President Museveni nominated her for reappointment as IGG.


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