Leaders Abandon Offices To Pursue Re-election

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According to a report released by Rwenzori Citizens Concerned, an NGO, the leaders have since the beginning of the year abandoned their offices to mobilize support for re-election, affecting service delivery.

As the election season heats up, local leaders in Kabarole have abandoned their offices to pursue re-election.
Under the local government act, elected local leaders who include sub county councilors and LC3 chairpersons are mandated to carry out routine supervision and monitoring of government programs to ensure effective service delivery.
However, according to a report released by Rwenzori Citizens Concerned, an NGO, the leaders have since the beginning of the year abandoned their offices to mobilize support for re-election hence affecting service delivery.
David Mugisha, a researcher with Rwenzori Citizens Concerned, says that several roads that were either constructed or upgraded two years have already developed potholes due to shoddy work. Mugisha states that contractors have completed construction works with little or no supervision by the leaders, giving them room to do substandard work.
Bruce Karamagi, a resident of Busaiga in Kichwamba County says the desire of the local leaders to secure re-election is costing the electorate, who voted them into office. Karamagi explains that since the beginning of the year no single leader has supervised projects in the sub county, leaving laborers to steal some of the building materials.
Karamagi cites Nyabusoni, Busaiga Primary Schools, Busaiga health center II and a water channel which were poorly constructed.
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Michael Mugara, a resident of Karago says that for two years when the major Karago bridge in the area  was being constructed, no leader supervised it. Mugara says that the collapse of the bridge has affected traders who transport their products to major markets.
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Cue out: "…vehicle is down."//
George Byaruhanga, the Kichwamba Sub County Chief says the leaders are  spending a lot of time out of office, which has created a vacuum. Byaruhanga says that because of their absence they have failed to attend sub county executive meetings.
However Charles Businge, the LC3 chairperson Kichwamba Sub County says that it's not the campaigns that have stopped them from supervision. He explains that the sub county lacks adequate funds for supervision.
He says last financial year, they were only given one million Shillings, which is not enough to traverse the whole sub county which has many schools and roads and bridges under construction.
Last year, the Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE) released a local government score card, faulting district officials in the country for abandoning monitoring and political accountability roles plunging districts into budget shortfalls and poor service delivery.


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