Lira Cotton Farmers Swing into Action after Poor Harvests

1729 Views Lira, Uganda
Cotton farmers in Lango sub region have embarked on a busy start of the planting season to maximize yields following poor harvest last season. Bad weather coupled with bad seeds and the introduction of organic farming, resulted into poor harvest for most farmers in the traditional cotton growing area. Hans Muzoora, Principal Marketing and Information Officer of Cotton Development Organization, however blames the poor production on en masse production of organic cotton, poor training for the farmers and inadequate organic pesticides. Muzoora explains that last season; the organization recorded a sharp drop in cotton production from 134,000 bales in 2006-2007 seasons, to just 65,000 bales in the 2007-2008 harvest seasons. Poor harvests were mainly felt in Lango, Acholi, West Nile and Palisa areas. George Owani, chairman of a farmers group, says the farmers are determined to compensate for their poor harvests. The Cotton Development Organization has on its part launched a massive cotton seed distribution exercise in the villages to enhance easy access to quality seeds. The cotton development authority Principal marketing officer says the cotton production regulatory organization, has identified a strategy intended to boost the knowledge of the farmers as well as ensure timely and adequate supply of the pesticides to boost cotton production.


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