Health Centre Closed Over Damaged Roof, Lack of Toilet

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Logiri Health Centre III has closed its maternity section after the roof curved in. Besides the damaged roof, the toilet at the maternity section is also filled up.

Logiri Health Centre III has closed its maternity section after the roof curved in. 
Besides the damaged roof, the toilet of the maternity section is also filled up.

Denis Draku, the health Assistant at Logiri health centre told a team of local leaders on Tuesday that they have no space to place mattresses since the only maternity ward is condemned.

The leaders had gathered to receive mattresses for the maternity section from Minister of state for finance in charge of general duties, Engineer Gabriel Ajdera Aridru.

Draku says since the available maternity ward is condemned, the 10 mattresses donated by Minister Aridru will remain underutilised until the roof of the maternity ward is repaired. It needs 50 iron sheets to repair the roof which was destroyed after a heavy tree fell on it.

Draku revealed that, currently Logiri health centre is operating without a placenta pit, lacks an incinerator for burning waste generated from the facility and the only borehole broke down a year ago.

He says the facility also faces insecurity due to absence of a fence to protect the available structures and patients from intruders.

Draku requested Minister Aridru to task government to review the policy of financing health centres. Currently, all health centers Three get 48,000 shillings for a period three months for fuel yet this money only lasts a day.

Vincent Andama, the health Assistant Logiri Sub County disclosed that besides the broken roof of the maternity ward which makes the house leak, the only toilet that serves the maternity section is also full and this makes it risky for them not to admit mothers. 

He says soon the entire health facility will be closed if the situation is not addressed. 
Logiri Sub County which has seven parishes with 86 villages has a wide catchment area attracting patients from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Francis Bongi, a resident of Wariki trading centre which is adjacent to Logiri health centre, says pregnant mothers are transported to a nearby health facility across the border in the DRC. According to Bongi, the closure of the maternity section has also made some women visit traditional birth attendants to deliver.

Minister Aridru who has given out 100 mattresses to 10 health facilities in Vurra says he procured the mattresses following complaints by women who say they are forced to sleep on the floor because the health facilities lack mattresses.

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