LRA Accuses Museveni of Running an Army State

1767 Views Kampala, Uganda
The Lord's Resistance Army has issued a statement, less than a week before the presidential and parliamentary elections, accusing President Yoweri Museveni of running an army state. The statement was sent to the media by Justin Labeja Nyeko, who calls himself a spokesperson for the LRA. Nyeko lives in Nairobi and it isn't clear if the statement was made on behalf of the LRA leader, Joseph Kony. Nyeko says the current situation in Uganda is unfavorable for free and fair elections. He says the dream of Ugandans to take their destiny in their hands and to control the affairs of the country has not been realized. The LRA spokesperson accuses Museveni of ruling Uganda by the gun, which he says let to flawed elections in the past. He says any previous elections held under the NRM have merely served to legitimize the army state that has been in existence since 1986. According to Nyeko, despite this state of affairs, Museveni's government has not won political legitimacy. Justin Labeja Nyeko makes no reference to the LRA's role in the destabilization of much of northern Uganda for two decades or the thousands that were killed and maimed by its attempt to take state power by force. Instead, Nyeko accuses Museveni of being an obstacle to peace and socio-economic transformation of Ugandans. He states that the people of northern Uganda were denied an opportunity to participate in the peace process to end the LRA war and any views they expressed were not included in the peace talks held in Juba. The LRA dropped out of the peace talks suddenly three years ago. Kony and his commanders stated that they would not sign a peace agreement until they were granted full amnesty by the Ugandan government and the International Criminal Court. ###