LRA Survivors Tie Support to Compensation

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Survivors of the Lords Resistance Army rebellion in West Nile say they will only vote for a presidential candidate who will compensate them if elected into power. Over 1500 people in West Nile region were affected by the LRA rebellion. The survivors listed their demands last evening in a meeting with parliamentary and local council candidates in Arua. According to the survivors the manifestoes of all presidential candidates and area MPs are silent on their compensation yet they lost property and their relatives to the rebellion. Sam Buti the chairperson of West Nile Kony War Victims Association says that they have written several letters to the president, Ministry of disaster preparedness and ministry of internal affairs demanding for compensation but nothing has been done. He explains that most of the LRA war survivors were abducted and later released after suffering irreparable physical damage. Norah Fuathum, another victim whose son was abducted by the rebels eight years ago while going to school says if government does want to help them it should continue hunting for Kony because they want to know what happened to their children. However, the demand of compensation by the war victims appears to have caught the candidates unawares as top government ministers from the area shunned the meeting. The ministers who had been invited but didn't show up are Fred Jachan Omach, state minister for finance, Simon Ejua, the Minister of Transport and MPs Kassiano Wadri of Terego, Alex Onzima of Maracha and Christine Abia Arua district woman MP. Caleb Kamure Titia, the UPC candidate for Arua LC seat however pledged to give top priority to the issue of the survivors once elected into office. According to Kamure if the NRM government was serious it should have compensated the LRA victims like it did to the Kampala twin bomb blast victims last year. The LRA war that was mainly concentrated in Acholi and Lango sub regions also affected people in parts of West Nile region.


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