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The President of the Federation of Uganda Football Association (Fufa), Moses Magogo has said Sepp Blatter was always the best person to run world football in-order to meet Africa's interests.

The Federation of Uganda Football Association (Fufa) President, Moses Magogo has said Sepp Blatter was always the best person to run world football in-order to meet Africa's interests.

Speaking during a briefing at the FA headquarters in Kampala, Magogo who added that Uganda voted for Blatter said Africa and Europe are not at the same level in terms of football development, but made it clear that Blatter always had this idea of developing the sport in the African continent.

The development comes after corruption scandals have rocked Fifa since seven top officials were arrested before the Assembly in Zurich last week. The pressure this week forced Blatter to announce that he will resign his position for the good of football.

"We did not take the decision to support Blatter by impulse, but it was an executive committee decision after weighing so many things," added Magogo.

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He explained that when Blatter came to office in 1998 Fifa was spending $14 million in development around the world and now the figure has moved to $1 billion with Africa and Asia benefiting more. "We have managed to build the FA headquarters, a technical centre and also own a Radio station all because of Blatter's good leadership and vision," he added explaining why they cast the vote for Blatter.

He also noted that 70% of World Cup revenue is shared by countries that did not qualify for the World Cup and majority of nations in Africa and Asia are in this category. We saw Blatter as the best choice because he cares for us Africa as a continent through the solidarity money," added Magogo who stressed that some nations started disliking Blatter because they thought it was unfair to let nations that do not qualify for World Cup to benefit.
He praised Blatter for granting Africa chance to host the World Cup and this event in South Africa was among the most successful and Fufa benefited through the Win in Africa which brought about the technical centre. "It was the first world Cup where bonuses where distributed," he added.

Magogo made it clear that it also unfounded to say Blatter is corrupt when no one has brought any prove on the table. He stressed that at the point of voting there was nothing to hold Blatter corrupt because there is no way Uganda would vote for someone corrupt.
He also pointed out that major football countries in Europe urged Uganda and other African countries to vote for Blatter during the Congress last week. "We voted for Blatter as a decision to protect our interests. I pity anyone who thinks as Africa we should have voted someone else," he added