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Swalleh Mani, the Chairperson of Hoima District Boda Boda Riders Association says his association has 1,400 members with majority of them having no riding permits.

More than half of all registered boda boda cyclists in Hoima district do not have riders' permits.
Swalleh Mani, the Chairperson of Hoima District Boda Boda Riders Association says his association has 1,400 members with majority of them having no riding permits.
Mani says the process of getting permits does not favour the low income earners because one has to go to either Fort Portal or Kampala which becomes expensive.
Mani urges Face Technology, the company contracted by the government to issue out permits, to at least open up a branch in Bunyoro sub region to cater for the growing numbers.
Mani it takes more than 300,000 shillings to get the permit without considering money for accommodation and transport to Kampala or Fort Portal.
Brian Mubiru, a cyclist hailing from Mubende district but has been working in Hoima for over three years, says that police haven't been friendly to the suspects. Mubiru says the reason they abandon the motorcycles at the police station is because of the harsh treatment they get after being arrested.
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Cue out....kyakukola."//
George Tumwesige a cyclist who has been in the trade for five years accepts that he does not have a permit. He says he wants to get a permit but is hindered by the expensive process.
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During the Budget reading in June, government increased the driving licence fees from 66,000 to 150,000 Shillings for those getting new permits. Those renewing their permits now pay 130,000 up from 60,000 shillings. The new fees are expected took effect on July 1.
Police in Hoima now think the lack of riding permits could be a factor in rampant accidents involving cyclists. Stephen Muhoozi, the officer in charge of traffic, says up to 30 road accidents involving motorcycles are reported in Hoima every month.  
Muhoozi now says the reason the accidents involving boda boda cyclists surpass any other kind is that majority of the riders in the district are neither trained nor do they have permits.
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There are dozens of unclaimed motorcycles at the Hoima central police station and most of them were impounded after being involved in accidents.
Muhoozi says that after the motorcycles are impounded very few suspects turn up at police to record statements and hence leading to the pile up at the station.
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